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August 9th, 2009

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM) are critical to your site’s success. There are a lot of interpretations as to what SEO/SEM entails. At SassySEO, we consider SEO & SEM to be an important part of your overall strategy–a strategy that is based around creating quality content & a stellar customer acquisition/communication plan.

Your website needs to add value and be relevant to everyone who visits.

With over a trillion web pages existing and more than 250,000 new pages being created daily, you want prospects to easily find and contact you. You want customers to interact with your site and have a reason to come back – whether to buy, learn more about you, or find helpful resources.

SassySEO.com provides Marketing Strategy and Services to improve your website presence, increase rankings, drive qualified visitors to your site and turn them into sales using targeted Online tactics including Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Website Analytics, Paid Search, and Social Media.

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SassySEO Insights: Vol. 13 — Advice from the Experts…and Me!
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SassySEO Insights: Vol. 12 — Social Search is on from Google +!
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SassySEO Insights – Vol. 11: Use data to make business decisions — don’t just measure!

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SASSYSEO NEWS: SassySEO.com & SassyAssassin.com have now re-located to Los Angeles, CA. We will continue to offer our services, so please don’t hesitate to contact us so we can help  your business perform better online. You can reach me at 310-292-3026 (US) & 0427326013 (AUS) or Kristin@SassySEO.com — Skype me at KristinRohan, too.


Clean Up Your SEO – Sassy Presentation for Australian Carpet Cleaning Institution

The SassySEO had the privilege to speak at the ACCI.com.au convention. Here is a link to SEO & Social Media basics. Enjoy Clean Up Your SEO With The SassySEO here.


SassySEOTV Episode 5 – The Write Stuff…Content Essentials

Welcome to SassySEOTV & SassySEO.com – it’s another episode of SEO Tips & Tricks!
This episode covers The Write Stuff – Content Essentials! Watch SassySEOTV


SassySEO Industry Stats:

A survey from Forrester Research focusing on online retailers states 70% of the retailers see SEO as being the most effective way to increase customers. The article, written by my talented friend, Lisa Banks, at CIO.com.au is here: Online retailers rank SEO, social media as top marketing tools

TheSassySEO Says: If you want to improve sales & build your customer base, invest in SEO – know your keyterms, what your competitors are doing, have a quality content strategy, build your social community – and engage them! Read More SassySEO Industry Stats.


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